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CR Communication can improve your international communication. We offer seminars and lectures on Intercultural Communication as well as language courses in Swedish, French and English. We also offer guided tours in Gothenburg. 


Cross-Cultural Communication

Cross-Cultural Training is a shortcut to better business! No management training is complete unless you include the cross-cultural perspective!  Sign up for a lecture on "Swedish Business Culture" and learn how to deal with Swedes. 


Language Courses  - Swedish, English, French

 Language Courses are tailormade and include an intercultural perspective.

  • Individual or Group, Business or private. Beginners or advanced.
  • Learn Swedish in combination with Swedish Business Culture.
  • Include a guided tour of Gothenburg as an introduction to Gothenburg
  • Focus on conversation or on written skills.
  • Develop your Presentation Skills, taking into account Cross-Cultural aspects!


Guided Tours

Let an authorised City Guide show you the best of Gothenburg and the West Coast! 

See the city on foot, by boat or by bus. Include a culinary tasting of our local favorites! Learn how Swedes work and live. Visit e.g. the Volvo Museum and learn about Swedish industrialisation and business Culture.

Read an article in the Daily Telegraph about a guided tour in Gothenburg: